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Mar.1 9:30-10:40 Plenary Session : Some Accomplishments and Setting an Agenda for RC28
Michael Hout, What We Have Learned: RC28's Contributions to Knowledge ***[comment by Thomas DiPrete (Duke University, USA) PPT format]New!(Mar.11)
Mar.1 11:30-13:00 Social Origin and Educational Attainment
Sang-soo Chang, Patterns and Changes of Educational Attainment in Korea ***[Handout]
Mar.1 11:30-13:00 Family Resources & Inequality in Attainment I
Sin Yi Cheung & Annie Hau-nung Chan, Welfare Regimes, Household Living Arrangements, and Income Inequalities in Hong Kong and

Molly A. Martin, Linking Intergenerational Associations of Status Attainment and Family Formation: The Early Transition to Adulthood among American Youth
Sawako Shirahase, Wife's Economic Contribution to the Household Income in Cross-national Perspective
Mar.1 14:20-16:20 Tracking and Inequality in Primary and Secondary School
Adam Gamoran & Carolina Milesi, Quantity of Schooling and Educational Inequality ***[Tables (XLS format)]
Samuel R. Lucas, Mark Berends, Race and Track Assignment in Public Schools ***[Handout]
Abraham Yogev, Hanna Ayalon, Anna Gluzman & Idit Livneh, High School Tracking and College Destination in Israel ***[Handout]
Kazuaki Uekawa, Student Engagement in America's Urban High School Mathematics and Science Classrooms: Findings on Race and Culture
Mar.1 14:20-16:20 Social Stratification & Political Orientation
Kazumierz M. Slomczynski, Who Still Likes Socialism and Why?  Structural Determinants of Political Opinions in Poland
Ayse Guveli, A. Need & N.D. de Graaf, Changing Class Structure in the Post-industrial Netherlands: Political Orientation of the 'New Social Classes' between 1970-2000 ***[Handout (PPTformat)]
Jongchun Cha, Sense of Social Justice and its Relationships with Other Dimensions of Social Stratification in Korea, 1990-2000
Mar.1 16:40-18:10 Career Mobility
Daniela Grunow, Changing Inequality Patterns?  Empirical Findings on Men's Job Mobility and Unemployment in West Germany *** [Handout]
Theodore P. Gerber & Olga Mayarova, Getting Personal: The Use of Networks for Successful Job Searches in Russia, 1985-2001
Mar.1 16:40-18:10 Self-Employment & Family Assets
Walter Mueller, Richard Arum, Self-Employment Dynamics in Advanced Economies ***[Handout]
Ruey-Ming Tsay & Chih-Chia Chuang, Where Do Bosses Come From?  An Analysis of Entrepreneurial Characteristics of Taiwan's Bosses
Mar.2 9:30-11:00 Social Networks & Attainment
Alan Kirschenbaum & Amelia Levy, Social Networks and Employee Turnover
Yoshimichi Sato, An Analysis of Social Structural Effects on Status Attainment Process
Katarzyna M. Wilk, Communist Friendship Ties in Creation of Human Capital During the Transition to Capitalism
Mar.2 9:30-11:00 Methods in Stratification Research
Kazuo Yamaguchi, Black-White Differences in Social Mobility in the Past 30 Years: Multinomial Logit Latent-Class Regression Models
Raymond Sin-Kwok Wong, How Sample Size and Strength of Association Affect the Ability to Detect Group Differences in Cross-Classification Analysis
Mar.2 11:20-13:20 Educational Stratification I
C.Y. Cyrus Chu, Ruey Tsay, Iluoying Wu, Transmission of Sex Preferences across Generations: The Allocation of Education Resources among Siblings
Wout Ultee & Ruud Luijkx, While Educational Inequalities Decreased, Did Downward Mobility Diminish Because Governments Enhanced Upward Mobility?
Mar.2 11:20-13:20 Family Resources & Inequality in Attainment II
Tore Lindbekk, The Lasting Impact of Family Patterns
Hsiu-Jen Jennifer Yeh, Chin-Shyan Chen, Tsai-Ching Liu, Equity in the Delivery of Health Care in Taiwan ***[Handout]
Torkild Lyngstad, The Impact of Individual and Parental Education on Divorce Risk in Norwegian First Marriages
Sigeto Tanaka, Principal Earner and Accommodator in Household: An Illustration of Gender Stratification Process in Contemporary Japan ***[Handout]
Mar.3 9:30-11:00 Theoretical & Historical Approaches to Class and Mobility
Cameron Campbell James Lee, Kin Networks, Marriage and Social Mobility in Late Imperial China
Mar.3 9:30-11:00 Ethnicity / Race
Mar.3 11:20-13:20 Social Mobility
Nobuo Kanomata, Dynamic Changes of Social Mobility in Japan 1955-95 ***[Handout]
Mar.3 11:20-13:20 Assortative Mating and Educational Mobility
Shu-Ling Tsai & Chung-Ming Kuan, Assortative Mating and Income Inequality in Taiwan: A Quantile Regression Approach
Hyunjoon Park & Jeroen Smits, Educational Assortative Mating in Ten East and South-East Asian Countries: Trends 1950s-1990s
Dorren Mc Mahon, Arnaud Chevalier & Kevin Denny, A Multi-Country Study of Inter-Generational Educational Mobility and Its Determinants***[Handout]
Mar.3 15:00-17:00 Gender
Haya Stier & Hadas Mandel, The Institutional Aspects of Women's Earning Dependency
Ly-yun Chang and Tony Tam, Gender Authority Gap in Academia: Devaluation, Queuing, and Status Perspectives on Sex Composition Effects
Hadas Mandel & Moshe Semynov, The Prevalence of Welfare-State Policies and Gender Socioeconomic Inequality: A Comparative Analysis
Mar.3 15:00-17:00 Educational Stratification II
Hanna Ayalon & Audrey Addi-Raccah, Students, Schools, and Post-Secondary Enrollment: A Contextual Approach *** [Handout]
Claudia Buchmann, Thomas A. DiPrete & Troy A. Powell, Do Rises in Parental Resources Explain the Growing Female Advantage in U.S. Higher Education?
Marita Jacob & Steffen Hillmert, Social Origin and 'Late' Educational Careers
Steffen Hillmert, Family Resources and Chances of Education: Consequences of an Early Loss of Parents ***[Handout]