2012.12.21 The 2012 General Election Steven R. Reed
2012.11.09 The four half-century phases of modern Japanese history Professor Ronald P. Dore
2012.09.27 Welfare states and the redistribution of happiness Hiroshi Ono
2012.07.26 The Politics of Privacy in Australia and Japan Eiji Kawabata
2012.07.12 Coping With Disaster: Trust and Subjective Well-being after 3/11 Dr. Carola Hommerich
2012.06.20 The Networked Nation Kathryn Ibata-Arens
2012.05.24 What will happen when Japan joins the TPP? Junji NAKAGAWA, Professor of International Economic Law, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo
2012.04.19 Ethical Consumption in Japan Florian Kohlbacher
2012.02.16 Reforming Japanese Criminal Justice Daniel H. Foote
2012.01.26 The Political Economy of Japanese Aging John C. Campbell, University of Michigan and University of Tokyo