Research Organization

In this second five years, our Base set up research project on “Economic Development of China and East Asia in Long-run: The Trajectory and Prospects of Industrialization”, and we are running four major projects as below.

Research Group 1: Economic Development

This group conducts a series of studies on the agriculture, manufacturing industry, energy industry, and the fiscal and monetary system. The topics to be studied are:

(a)         Agriculture and rural problems in era of transition.

(b)         Macroeconomic policy and fiscal and monetary reform.

(c)         Historical development of the machine tools and energy industry.


Research Group 2: Industrial Agglomeration

This group focuses on the industrial agglomeration in China with a perspective of agglomeration economy, intra-regional division of labor, and the social network of entrepreneurs. The research will be conducted by:

(a)         Field research in China’s industrial districts

(b)         Quantitative analysis using geographic information system (GIS)


Research Group 3: Foreign Economic Relation and Diplomacy

This group investigates China's policy making process and its world strategy by field-based studies. The topics to be studied are:

(a)         China’s partnerships with Africa and Latin America, including economic diplomacy, official development assistance (ODA), and resource diplomacy

(b)         Structural change of regional order and governance.


Research Group 4: Transformation of Trade between China and South East Asia

This group examines foreign economic strategy and trade between China and ASEAN counties. The focuses of the second five-year term are:

(a)         The development of border trades and infrastructures in GMS (Greater Mekong Sub-region)

(b)         Quantitative researches on Intra-Asian trade using trade data set


The four groups act separately but interactively, with research activities and workshops conducted on a routine basis, as well as field survey and research exchange activities in China and elsewhere, and the publication of research findings. Further information on research activities and seminars is posted regularly on this website.


These research activities are supported by a secretariat, consisting of an Assistant Professor stationed full-time at the research office in ISS, as well as some Research Assistants. In addition, our field researches in China are supported by the ISS Beijing Research Base in the Institute of Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).


The Base has also launched projects in the educational sphere. From the winter semester of 2007, a series of courses such as ‘Multiple Dimensions of Japan-China Relations’ and 'The Chinese Modern History, Revised' started for all graduate schools as the Japan-Asian Studies Program of the Asian Studies Network at the University of Tokyo (ASNET). 




Publications of first five years: ISS Contemporary Chinese Studies

During the first five years, the Base published ten volumes of research reports as follows:

(1)Yoshiaki Miyajima and Keiichiro Oizumi, Rise of China and Intra-Asian Trade: Analysis of the World Trade Atlas 1996- 2006, ISS Contemporary Chinese Studies No. 1, 2008 (Japanese).

(2)Toshio Tajima and Shinsuke Furuya eds., Offshore Development, Staffing Services, Vocational Education in China’s Software Industry, ISS Contemporary Chinese Studies No. 2, 2008 (Japanese). 

(3) Akira Suehiro, Yoshiaki Miyajima, Keiichiro Oizumi, Seiya Sukegawa, Maki Aoki, Manarungsan Sompop,  Reconsidering the Greater Mekong Subregion from the Viewpoint of China, ISS Contemporary Chinese Studies No. 3, 2009 (Japanese).

(4) Tomoo Marukawa ed., An Inquiry into Industrial Agglomerations of China, ISS Contemporary Chinese Studies No. 4, 2009 (Japanese).

(5) Qiujuan Dai, The Impact of Employees Who Have Worked for Chinese State-owned Enterprises on the Growth of Japanese Companies in China, ISS Contemporary Chinese Studies No. 5, 2010 (Japanese).

(6) Toshio Tajima, Yingui Zhu, Jun Kajima, Shiho Matsumura, ed., Economic Studies of Modern Taiwan and Mainland China, ISS Contemporary Chinese Studies No. 6, 2010 (Chinese).

(7) Akira Suehiro, Keiichiro Oizumi, Seiya Sukegawa, Koji Fuda, Toshiaki Miyajima, China’s Economic “Offensive” Abroad and GMSCLMV, ISS Contemporary Chinese Studies No. 7, 2011 (Japanese).

(8) Jun Kajima, Yoshinori Kigoshi, Saoyang Hong, Teruhiro Minato, The Chinese Economy and Taiwan: 1945-1949, ISS Contemporary Chinese Studies No. 8, 2012 (Japanese).

(9) Changmin Lee, Teruhiro Minato ed., The Economy and Infrastructure of Modern Taiwan, ISS Contemporary Chinese Studies No. 9, 2012 (Japanese).

(10) Jun Kajima, China’s Fiscal System During the Planned Era, ISS Contemporary Chinese Studies No. 10, 2012 (Japanese).