Networks of Political Possibility

―Post 3.11 Social Movements and Political Activism ―

November 25, 2015 6:30 PM (finished)

David H. Slater

(Sophia University)

Date/Time November 25, 2015 6:30 PM
Location Room 549 5th floor, Akamon Sogo Kenkyuto Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo  [map]
Abstract In the years since 3.11, we have seen many different sorts of activism, some of which rises to the level of a social movement, others not so much. This talks is a first attempt to identify the characteristics of these movements, in terms of their institutional connections, rhetorical focus, performative repertoires and relations with both mass and social media. We will ask not only what distinguishes activism today from that before 3.11, but also how it might allow us to re-think our understanding of changes in civil society.
Bio David H. Slater is the Director of the Institute of Comparative Culture and Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Sophia University. He is the co-editor of Social Class in Contemporary Japan, and Japan Copes with Calamity. Related articles include co-authored "Social Media, Information and Political Activism in Japan’s 3.11 Crisis" and "SEALDs (Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy): Research Note on Contemporary Youth Politics in Japan." He runs the oral narrative archive "Voices from Tohoku" (tohokukaranokoe.or) and will be opening "Voices of Protest Japan" in 2016.